The developments at Mount Alterra, Khandala have been steadily progressing. Over the past months, our construction teams have achieved significant progress developing civic infrastructure.

Our teams are now developing new approach roads for better plot connectivity, and setting up of street lights for better visibility.

From the sustainability point of view, a new man made lake is being created to conserve and recycle water naturally, construction of a canal-irrigation system is in progress to help collected rainwater travel seamlessly across the project.

We are thrilled to showcase our 9-hole golf course that will test the skills of newbies and experienced players alike. Featured in this newsletter, is an excerpt of an interview with Paul Reeves, the master planner and chief design-architect of our golf course.

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Project Construction Updates

Golf at Mount Alterra
insights by the golf architect…

“Behind any successful project, there lies a team with
dedication, integrity and skill”
- Paul Reeves mantra for developing the golf course at Mount Alterra, Khandala

Curating a golf course 412 metres above sea level, designed to challenge golfers comes with its own set of challenges. But, happy that he Golf Greens Course at Mount Alterra, Khandala is nearing fruition. It will soon be accessible to our patrons eagerly awaiting to tee off.

With construction nearing completion of the 9-hole golf course, we expect an average play time of 75 to 90 minutes to successfully complete the course. It is a fun course and is expected to provide different kinds of challenges to novices and experienced golfers alike. Pre-dominantly, a 3-par to most of the holes, golfers may find a couple of holes challenging, when paring through a water hazard or when avoiding obstacles unsighted.

Spread over 22 acres of land, the golf course has 2 major water hazards with a capacity of holding millions of litres of water, with an in-built irrigation system, to sustain it through the hot summer months. We have also planted over 940 trees, which will further add to the beauty of the golf course over the coming years.

We do hope to see competitions and tournaments in the near future in the Golf Course at Mount Alterra.”

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