A mountain like no other. The projects at Mount Alterra in the past three years have witnessed transformation from just another stunning mountain to a destination worth visiting every weekend. The roads have now begun to take shape. Under rapid construction is the electric sub-station as well as water holding tanks in select sectors. All this along with the beautification of the natural fora and fauna has only enhanced the lure and the charm of this place. Adding to the natural beauty is our golf course…set on the far side of the mountain and spread over 22 acres. Now clearly distinguishable, the 9-hole golf course today holds one of the largest capacity water reservoirs at Mount Alterra. The golf course has its own share of elevations and challenges for a beginner and pro alike. The course is expected to go operational soon. Mount Alterra is becoming a popular destination. It played host to car rallies as well as overnight campsites. So if you’d like to bring your family and friends and camp at Mount Alterra, do get in touch with your Relationship Manager for any assistance you would like.

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Construction Updates

The Golf Course at
Mount Alterra

At first glance, the golf course, a 9-Hole, Par-27, looks deceptively easy; but the subtle slopes and the undulations will test even the best. Masterfully planned by Pacific Coast Design, the golf course is one of the best in the region. A golf academy and qualified teaching professionals will further enhance the overall golfing experience. We have developed our golf course in a most sustainable manner. Advanced irrigation systems and high quality equipments have been procured to maintain our greens.

Developments at Golf Greens

The Course and
It's Hazards

The golf course is 22 acres and the yardage 1169. Here, is a teaser of the golf-course that is currently under development and is expected to commence operations soon.

  • Hole 1:

    One of the easier holes at Golf Greens, we tee from a height and the journey to Hole 1 is a simple par 3 shot, 130 yards in length.

  • Hole 2:

    A straightforward shot, the challenge lies near the hole, with it being surrounded by two sand bunkers and a tree. It is a par 3 shot, 119 yards in length.

  • Hole 3:

    Playing in exactly the opposite direction to that of hole 2, the challenge here is a mix of trees and a sand bunker. This is a par 3 shot, 133 yards in length.

  • Hole 4:

    The longest distance to be covered, the challenge here is to not put the golf ball in the water, that skirts the whole distance. This is a par 3 shot, 166 yards in length.

  • Hole 5:

    The shortest distance from the tee to the hole, yet tricky in its own right. The challenge here is to sail the golf ball over the other water hazard and put it in the sweet spot, to avoid the sand traps surrounding the hole. This is a par 3 shot, 92 yards in length.

  • Hole 6:

    A relatively simple hole, after all the challenges. Hereon, we start travelling back towards the base. This is a par 3 shot, 117 yards in length.

  • Hole 7:

    The one that screams ‘Danger’ & ‘Water’ at the same time. The ‘pièce de résistance’ of our Golf Course; it will take a fair bit of mastery to conquer this hole. And then, there is a sand bunker – just for those extra bragging rights. This is a par 3 shot, 142 yards in length.

  • Hole 8:

    Over a hillock and into the unknown. A few rocky outcrops with lots of sand traps; makes this hole different from others. Challenging in its own right, this is a par 3 shot, 113 yards in length.

  • Hole 9:

    The fnal hole is straight-forward with the only challenge being it on an incline with sand trap surrounding the hole. This is a par 3 shot, 127 yards in length.

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